In early 2015, community advocacy groups from New York, Boston, Chicago, Phoenix, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Los Angeles and Palo Alto started a national discussion to join efforts to address noise and emissions problems arising in our communities from FAA's Nextgen project. 

By the Spring of 2015, we set national goals, and a clearinghouse of information. We've worked together to exchange ideas, suggest legislation, lobby Congress, and represent our coalition at national meetings. Our goal now is to more formally align the interests of advocacy groups nationwide and strengthen our representation.  QSC will connect with national leaders, elected officials and aviation stakeholders on national issues.  

The Quiet Skies Conference is a not-for-profit corporation. Its steering committee and Board of Directors is composed of the 6 founding members of the National Quiet Skies Coalition.  

If your membership organization is in alignment with our goals and methods, we would welcome your support and participation.  We look forward to working with aviation-focused advocacy groups to enhance our voice and presence, and empower our movement.  

Janet McEneaney - Queens Quiet Skies (New York City)

Steve Kittleson -  MSP FairSkies Coalition (Minneapolis-St.Paul)

Kevin Terrell - MSP FairSkies Coaition (Minneapolis-St.Paul)

Adriana Poole - Boston West Fair Skies (Massachusetts)

Jennifer Landesmann - Sky Posse Palo Alto (Northern California)

Martin Rubin - Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution (Southern California).

Founding Groups

Queens Quiet Skies

MSP FairSkiesCoalition

Boston West Fair Skies 

CRAAP - Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution

Sky Posse Palo Alto

In November 2018 we announced a list of priorities